Sun-kissed escapes: Hot tips to explore Lisbon’s best beaches!

Hello dear Rocca readers,

Here is Claudia, your founder.

Recently Rocca took part in a street market in Lisbon! During 2 days we had a pop up at the beautiful Jardim da Estrela, and I got to know a lot of new customers, mostly tourists and newly arrived residents to our beautiful city (WELCOME)! Between trying on pieces and chitchat, there were several questions that were common between every conversation, one of them being “Any tips on where I should go to the beach?” Within 2 minutes our new club members left with a detailed beach itinerary, a big smile on their faces and a sense of relief as they now had a curated guide of where to head for a toasty lay in the sun.

When giving away my personal tips, I realized for a newbie it can be an overwhelming search, as we’ve been gifted with many incredible options – and I thought, why not share my personal favourites with all of you, my dearest Rocca members? After all, you have brand new Rocca swimwear (hint) to debut.

If you’re travelling to Lisbon or have recently moved, this journal post might be especially helpful for you. I listed my hot tips on the best beaches, clubs and weather considerations. For sake of simplicity, I separated between the beaches “on the other side of the bridge” (Caparica and Meco) and the ones “right after Lisbon” (Cascais to Azenhas do Mar).

On the other side of the bridge:

Disclaimer: Bridge traffic can be quite chaotic. Aim to cross the bridge early in the morning or at sunset. Alternatively, you can take the fairy from Cais do Sodré – in the peak of summer, might be a more pleasant experience!

#Caparica: after crossing the 25th of April bridge you’ll find Caparica, a town that used to be quite simple and unpretentious, and all about the large stretches of sand catered by the typical Portuguese restaurant – delicious grilled fish, plastic chairs and tables and fresh beer.

However, in the past years and strongly influenced by the booming international community, trendy, vibrant and lavish beach clubs started to pop up. If this is what you are looking for these are the spots you should look at: Praia do Irmão, Casa Reia and Praia da Princesa. Their unique style and aesthetics give the beach clubs in the south of Spain, Italy or France a run for their money (plus: they are also much more affordable). Don’t shy away from flashy outfits and face glitter, somehow it all blends perfectly with the laid back, casual beach style.

My advise: as soon as you choose, book it! With the increasing flood of tourists visiting Lisbon, securing a booking is mandatory.

#Fonte da Telha: the very last beach of Caparica is Fonte da Telha where you can find the best of both worlds – the trendy beach clubs and your unpretentious traditional Portuguese restaurant – I highly recommend Retiro do Pescador for a best grilled fish you’ll ever have. This beach is spacious and harder to access, which allows for a more relaxing and quite beach day. If you are a nudist, walk 15 minutes south and you’ll find one of the few nudism beaches in Portugal! If you’re not, cut your beach strolls shorter or walk the other way.

#Meco: This beach is the furthest away from Lisbon, however most of the drive is on the highway which makes it seem as far as Caparica on a busy day. The sea is a bit rough (sometimes extra rough) and not for the unexperienced swimmers, but it’s natural beauty and space makes up for the occasional wind and strong waves. Mostly visited by the locals, it is a little gem 40 min away from Lisbon.


“Right after Lisbon”

If you’re keen to explore Estoril, Cascais and Sintra, then these are your go to beaches. Unlike the Caparica, where the weather prediction is accurate, these ones have a strong personality that shows up as climate mood swings, but when the shine is shinning and the breeze is smooth, they are magical.

Natural beauty takes centre stage, as they are surrounded by beautiful, breathtaking hills. If you’re going towards this direction, skip anything between Lisbon and Cascais (you’ll thank me later) and head straight to Guincho, one of the most stunning beaches in Portugal. If you’re exploring Sintra, head down to Praia Grande or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try Praia da Ursa – you might want to take a pair of sneakers, water and snacks as the climb is tough and there is no beach bar. These beaches are picture perfect but check the beach cams before heading there as the wind might be having a tantrum.

I hope this gives you some guidance!

Drop us a DM when you head to one of these – we might be there proudly flashing our Rocca Mare looks. Enjoy the sun 😊

Claudia x