Our Commitment

Sustainability is the core of our business. From sourcing, to crafting and delivery, we have taken all the steps to ensure we make the best decisions for the earth, our customers, our suppliers and the business.

Recycled & Sustainable Fabrics

Our Club Collection is made from two different fabrics: ECONYL and GOTS certified organic cotton. Econyl is a sustainable techno-fabric made from regenerated Nylon. The quality and performance of recycled Nylon is exactly the same as brand new nylon and it can be recycled, recreated and remoulded over again. GOTS certified organic cotton is the only cotton that is produced in an holistic way that protects the soil, doesn’t use any polluting pesticides and uses less water. Organic cotton is the most sustainable solution for the long-term benefit of people and the planet.

Made in Portugal

Rocca Club is 100% made in Portugal, one of the strongest textile industries in Europe and worldly renowned for its expertise and high-quality materials. Our production is developed in the heart of Lisbon and follows the best practices of the market, while supporting the local economy. Every piece is produced in small batches.

Our Label & Packaging

Our label is made from recycled and recyclable paper. Our clothing packaging is made from organic cotton and it was designed to be used for multiple purposes and for a long time.


Our mission of building a sustainable brand is only complete if all the processes of the supply chain respect to the fullest the environmental impact of producing garments, and this includes our shipping method. Our shipping is already made in recycled packaging and we will keep improving our supply chain to achieve Carbon Neutral Shipping.