Our Story

Rocca Club is the expression of a lifestyle we believe in: to live your most healthy, balanced yet bold life. Inspired by the classic european flair, we design clothes for the modern and active who is always on the go and needs the outfits to keep up - to be as refined as they are functional.
All pieces are carefully drawn and ethically handcrafted from sustainable and recycled fabrics for women who demand lasting value in their products. Clean, minimal and figure enhancing looks are our obsession for a beautiful life that runs from the gym to a meeting, to the airport, and all places in between.


The Founder

Having years of experience working in the luxury market and a strong passion for sports, Claudia fused these worlds into a brand that meets both high performance and high style standards. “Clothing has a tremendous impact on the way we feel and, if we feel good, everything else follows. My desire is to create unique, classical pieces that suit various occasions without compromising style. If we think about what we wear everyday, we really don’t need much, we just need better.”
The name, Rocca Club, is an homage to the founder’s father. “He was the greatest influence of my life, so it only made sense to create a brand that represented the lifestyle he taught me to live. Rocca was inspired by a beautiful hotel where he once worked in the south of Italy, Rocca Nettuno. My father was genuinely happy there. “Club” refers to a special place where I keep fond memories of us together – the Tennis Club!”