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  • Sporty & British: Grand Prix, Wimbledon & Stevie Nicks

    Hello dear Rocca readers, Here is Claudia, your founder. As the beach girl that I’ve always been, summer is my favourite season. This means toastie...
  • Sun-kissed escapes: Hot tips to explore Lisbon’s best beaches!

    If you’re travelling to Lisbon or have recently moved, this journal post might be especially helpful for you. I listed my hot tips on the best beaches, clubs and weather considerations. 

    When giving away my personal tips, I realized for a newbie it can be an overwhelming search, as we’ve been gifted with many incredible options – and I thought, why not share my personal favourites with all of you? After all, you have brand new Rocca swimwear (hint) to debut.

  • Designed for a life well lived

    Dear Rocca club members, My name is Claudia Seidenstricker and I’m the founder of the Rocca Club.  I’ve always been very passionate about story te...